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 Poem for Anna
 Mandelstam and Mayakovsky
 The Lighted Window
 Alone with the Years
 The Poet Tires
 Something there is
 La Madrugada
 Postcard of a Golden Retriever
 Miguel Hernandez
 At the Edge of the Ebro
 Playing Cards
 That's Where I Belong
 An Abstract Perfection
 Pearls in a Glass
 Poem for Susie
 Mornings in Malasaña
 A Garbled Message
 Old Friends
 More About Penguins
 Poem for Nelly
 Good Friday in Salamanca
 What It Is About
 The Blind Man And His Guide
 The Smell Of Winter
 For No Other Reason
 Poem for Linda
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Across all the miles that separate us, More than twenty years away from your home, You tell me of an unloved city, Th...