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What it is about

I wrote this poem for a competition, the subject being bulls. I didn't win, but I like it anyway.

date posted: 25 February 2018

New poems uploaded

Some new poems have been uploaded, some new, some not so new. A Garbled Message was written about LogroƱo, a couple of weeks after I first came to Spain to live, in October 1977. It gives my first impressions of the city with its 20th Century iron bridge across the Ebro in stark contrast to the old Roman bridge.

date posted: 8 February 2018

New poem posted

Barranco uploaded

date posted: 05 September 2015

A New Poem

Poem 'Morning in Malasana' uploaded

date posted: 20 August 2015


I have neglected the site. I now promise regular updates on my blog at least

date posted: 23 April 2014


Song uploaded in Poetry section

date posted: 08 May 2014

New Book

First chapter of new book posted

date posted: 18 May 2014

New Poem

Easter poem uploaded

date posted: 21 April 2014

Another New Poem

New poem uploaded

date posted: 05 April 2015