Author: Paul House

Poetry: Poem for Linda

You talked and talking reached behind

your head, banishing any regret I might

have felt in arriving unannounced.

You did not care I had nothing to say,

you had more than enough for both of us.

You did not care that my eyes crept off

to look into every corner of your room,

to look into everything, but not your eyes.

It is true I would have liked to watch

your breasts move soft beneath your dress,

I would like to have shared a simple kiss,

but this was not the time for love.

You leaned back against the chair and laughed

and listened as my clumsy words

did their best not to embarrass us.

When it got dark and we were silent

and the lights along the lane lit up,

you did not ask for me to go,

but reached across and closed my eyes.


I know that you will never beg me

not to leave you, and I know

the days I spend with you are numbered

and the countdown began days ago,

but sometimes it’s nice just to stay up late

and forget what it is we owe to fate.

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