Author: Paul House

Poetry: For No Other Reason

With eyes raised to the fluttering light

Wavering beyond the shuttered window,

I look away from the pillowed head,

Wakeful and dumb, still heavy with sleep,

And her blond hair swarms and warns

Against any pallid explanations.


Owning only perhaps this one night,

What right have I to impose on her

My tedious cataloguing of events.

Or how find time to lip the wondrous

Words I know will give her peace

At least until the hour of waking.

Then faces are deciphered and found

To contain an unrelated history,

And I will be lonely for all the years

I didn’t know her or have her near.


Later, for once free from planning,

I conjure some startling happiness

From the dazzle of sun that dapples

Drowsily across the crumpled sheets

And just lean back and watch her sleeping,

Eyes lowered against the fluttering light.

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