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To quote Edward Thomas, after nearly five months of blazing sun and hot weather: Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain on this bleak hut, and solitude, and me. In Ocentejo, as you can see, desperately trying to get PIGS ready before the beginning of December. The task seems more impossible as each day goes by and I look at how much there is still left to do. Brings Allen Ginsberg to mind: Four skinheads stand in the streetlight rain chatting under an umbrella. Rainy night on Union square, full moon. Want more poems? Wait till I'm dead.

3 November 2011
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PIGS (Version 4)

I am posting the first chapters of PIGS version 4. Just back from El Bierzo in the North West of Spain. One of the most beautiful parts of the country I have seen. Well worth a visit.

31 October 2011
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Autumn then

Autumn is here, although in Madrid we still have summer temperatures and cloudless skies. The summer was quiet this year. There were short visits to Istanbul, Lisbon and London, but, apart from that, nothing much to report. Istanbul and Lisbon are two of the hilliest cities I have ever been to and brought about a sudden desire to lose weight and get myself slightly fitter. The former has been successful, the latter, I fear, has not. Next week-end, there is a 10 km cross country run in Ocentejo. I am not quite ready to put my name down for that.

26 September 2011
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I have been editing and rewriting PIGS (version 3) for the last couple of months and have finally finished. Managed to squeeze in a trip to Istanbul at the same time and will shortly be off to Lisbon. In the meantime, lounging around in Ocentejo in the sun (37º yesterday). There are worse places to be and things to be doing.

26 June 2011
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Rewrites on PIGS have finished now and I have posted the first 10 chapters again.

21 February 2011
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