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One of the girls hoisted her skirt suddenly, pulled and ripped at her pink step-ins and tore them to a sizeable flag, then, screaming Ben! Ben! she waved it wildly. As Tommy and Nicole left the room it still fluttered against the blue sky. Oh, say can you see the tender color of remembered flesh?—while at the stern of the battleship arose in rivalry the Star-Spangled Banner. Scott Fitzgerald in Tender is the Night. I sometimes think even he didn't know what a talent he had.
11 September 2022
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First Covid confinement and then a heart attack have kept me pretty quiet over the past 24 months. I shall now endeavour to post a little more frequently.
14 August 2022
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If I knew where the good songs came from, I would go there more often. Leonard Cohen
22 November 2018
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Poem for Linda

This is a strange poem that was written when I visited an old friend from school days who I had been close to. Three years after I had last seen her, I met her suddenly in London and was asked to her flat. The next time I saw her was 30 years after this poem was written.
11 March 2018
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For No Other Reason

This is another poem from the past. It was written one Sunday morning in Logroño. My flat had an old battered olive green Venetian blind that didn't entirely manage to keep the light and heat from entering the room.
5 March 2018
Keywords: sun, blind
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