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19th June 2019

Paul House, Author

This is the official website for information on the author Paul House. Paul is the author of the acclaimed 'Harbour', which was published in November 2009, and 'Common Places' which came out in June 2010. More information on this and future projects will be added to the site as it becomes available.

Also here you can find some of his earlier published poetry and other writing. The site will be updated frequently, so please check back often.

Paul House working

Harbour reviewed on BookSquawk:


"We identify with people, share their hopes and despairs, care about them. We feel the heat, smell the spices and less savoury aromas of people and their activities, see the lights of the islands, feel the swaying of the sampans of the floating city and breathe air which is often thick with the sticky smell and taste of opium."


Historical Novel Review:

"Paul House does an excellent job of displaying his characters with all their faults and strengths. Like a tapestry, he weaves their lives together, sometimes in good ways, and sometimes in ways most detrimental to their lives."